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Spiritual Support

Spiritual Support

In the time of crisis, a prayer helps.

It might be due to cultural conditioning. It may be just that it takes our mind off the thoughts of pain and uncertainty for a while. Knowing that someone is saying a prayer for us makes us feel that someone cares.

New age gurus call prayer a form of channelling Energy.

Controlled studies on the healing power of prayer have been conducted from time to time. One famous study has been that of Dr. Randolph Byrd, a cardiologist at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Centre. He observed 393 people who had been admitted to the hospital with a heart attack. All of the subjects received the same kind of medical attention. Half were also prayed for by name by prayer groups around the country. No one, neither the patients, nor the doctors or nurses knew who was being prayed for. The prayed-for group had fewer deaths, faster recovery, less intubations, and required fewer potent medications.

While these studies may not be definitive, many people feel that a prayer gives them confidence, and helps rally their inner strength to face a crisis or illness better.

If you feel the same way about a prayer being said on your behalf, or on the behalf of a loved one, we invite you to use our Spiritual Support service.

Please note that we do not recommend any particular type of worship or Spiritual Support.

Very Important: This site does not suggest prayer instead of or as a replacement for medical treatment.

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