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Learning Disability

Every aspect of the Indian education system roils in controversy: Which language should be the medium of instruction? Should the socially backward be given special concessions? Should the state set the syllabus or the centre? Are our testing systems memory based? How many kilos of books and stationery should a child carry to school? Is the system choking our creativity?

Is the education system burdening childhood instead of empowering it with coping skills?

Despite all these issues about 15 million people in India go through 15+ years of formal education. In the urge to get the best out of a “mainstream” education parents are often impatient with children who, even though the opportunity and support are presented, are unable to cope with formal education. These children are not physically handicapped or mentally retarded and are usually normal in most aspects of growth and behaviour.

The awareness that some children experience a learning disability and need therapy is recent. This section helps parents and caregivers know facts about Learning Disability and its management.

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