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For a spongy three pound mass of fatty tissue, the brain is a fascinating organ. It is the centre of the nervous system and controls all body activity. And enables us to dream.

Many advancements in medical research, such as the mapping of the human genome and improvements in imaging technology, have made it possible for us to understand more and more about the brain. Neurological disorders are being studied with greater focus and patients of these disorders have better drugs and treatment options today.

Dr Prithika Chary, an eminent Neurologist, presents this section on webhealthcentre. She is very committed to educating the public on the mind-brain functions. She will be writing on various neurological disorders, as well as interesting aspects of the brain and nervous system. Her special area of interest is Epilepsy.

"It is our belief that knowledge is power and understanding what the brain does and how diseases disturb its function will help us to take better care of this special organ which enables us to embrace the finer and more complex aspects of life like art, music, mathematics and language giving richness to our lives." Dr Prithika Chary.

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