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Surgeon's Corner

There is a good chance that each of us will undergo at least one surgery during our lives. Our desire for longevity and the advancement of medical technology towards improvement of the quality of life have made this a distinct possibility.

If you are a patient any surgery is a daunting proposition. You are filled with doubts and questions. You might seek clarifications from your doctor. And yet you might need more information.

If you are a doctor, you will be aware there are no hard and fast rules about many aspects of medicine. New insights on grey areas are valuable. Your professional techniques are changing rapidly. Apart from the old-faithful scalpel, you deal with endoscopes, laparoscopes, lasers and more…Diagnostic methods are growing more scientific. Campaigns for minimally invasive processes and bloodless surgery are on.

Keeping abreast of recent and locally significant research and technical improvements becomes vital.

Webhealthcentre is glad to bring the expertise of eminent surgeons in this area to help both the consumer and the doctor in the field of surgery. Dr G Sivakumar M.S., FICS, FAIS who presents the surgeon’s corner at webhealthcentre.com is a senior General and Vascular Surgeon.

For more information on Dr. Sivakumar click here.

The Surgeon’s Corner will deal with many facets of various types of surgery. It will also initiate discussions on many issues of debate, in which your participation is welcomed.

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