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Dairy Milk Feeds

Breast milk is the best food for the newborn. All attempts must be made to give the child breast milk at least for the first six months of its life. As the baby sucks more milk is produced. If the mother has any doubts or problems regarding feeding, she should consult her doctor.

If in a rare case the mother is not able to feed the child, cow’s milk may be given after preparing it in the following manner.

If, for some reason, the mother is unable to feed the child, cow’s milk may then be given after preparing it in the following manner.

Birth to two weeks
One measure of milk for one measure of water.

Third and fourth week
Two measures of milk for one measure of water.

From the end of the first month
Milk can be given with out diluting with water. To every 100ml of milk or diluted milk 1 teaspoon of sugar is to be added.

If spray dried milk available in the market has to be used, it can be mixed in the following manner. It is not necessary to add sugar.

Birth—two weeks
Milk powder, one and half teaspoons with 100ml (boiled and cooled) water.

Third week—Fourth week
Milk Powder two teaspoons with 100ml water.

From end of first month
Milk powder three teaspoons with 100ml water.

For feeding the child, use wide mouthed bottles or beaked feeding cup and ensure that they are sterilized in hot water before every feed. As the child grows older, in addition to breast milk, milk powders and cow's milk, the following items have to be gradually added to the Child’s diet.

After the completion of the fourth month
Wheat or ragi gruel may be given. Two teaspoons of ragi or wheat flour are added to 100 ml of milk and 2 tsp. of sugar. The preparation is boiled for about 12 minutes and once a day, a small amount of ghee or oil can be added to this feed. Once the child is used to this feed it can be given twice or thrice every day. Instead of ragi, rice or wheat, tinned foods can also be given to the child.

Six to Eight Months
Small quantities of mashed Idlies (rice puddings) or Pongal (rice and lentil preparation) or mashed plantains or oranges can be given to the child.

Ninth month
In the morning, two small Idlies can be given. Along with this, 500ml of milk should also be given. Egg, meat and fish can also be started from this month onwards.

By the end of the first year
The requirement of milk starts to decrease and the child requires only around 300 ml of milk per day. Gradually, the amount of solid feeds should be increased. Rice mixed with dhal must be given atleast twice everyday.

Use of tonics
Children who fed with breast milk or those who are receiving milk powders do not generally require tonics. However, children who are fed with cow’s milk require vitamin drops for the first few months.


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