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Breast Feeding

Breast Milk is the best type of feed for a baby. The reasons are many:


  • It is nature’s provision for the baby. For each species nature provides nourishment that matches the needs for the young one. Breast milk has enzymes, hormones, and immuno globulins that gives the ideal nutrition and cannot be matched by tinned food.

  • The composition of breast milk varies from month to month, providing the type of nutrition that the baby needs at that point in its life.

  • It contains the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA, important in brain development.

  • It is raw. It is not contaminated by handling. Therefore it is highly nutritious.

  • The colostrum your baby receives in the first few days and later breast milk, contains antibodies which will help increase your baby's resistance to infection. On the other hand bottles, if not maintained hygienically, can make the child prone to infection.

  • Breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs for at least the first six months of his life. You need not look for supplements.

For the baby:

  • It satisfies the baby’s inborn desire to suck.

  • It is most comforted by the smells and rhythms of the mother and being close to her while feeding enhances this.

  • Breast milk is never too cold or too hot or stale.

  • It is easily digestible.

  • It satisfies the baby’s hunger and thirst.

  • It increases the bond between the baby and mother.

For the mother:

  • It is readily available. The mother does not have to prepare feeds from time to time.

  • It does not involve cleaning and sterilising of bottles/feeding equipment.

  • The nutritional needs of the baby are met. The mother does not need to look for supplements.

  • The baby is healthier and is resistant to diseases, enabling the mother to return to productive work.

  • The economic benefits of having a healthier baby, with no spending on baby food, bottles, sterilising equipment are huge.

  • Breastfeeding does not mean that the mother has to stay at home all day. Many women are able to breastfeed as well as work outside home.

  • Breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive process.

  • Women who breast-feed get back in shape faster than other mothers. When the baby feeds oxytocin is released. This hormone makes the uterus contract and return to its pre-pregnant state more quickly, minimizing blood loss.

  • Prolaction, which helps you relax, is also released while the baby is breastfed.

  • Nursing burns up extra calories. Losing weight is easier.

  • Women who have breast fed children are under less risk of breast cancer.


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