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Height / Weight Charts for Children

The Charts given below indicate the height and weight averages of normally growing children.


3 monts6.061.1
6 months7.867.8
9 months9.272.3
1 year10.276.1
2 years12.385.6
3 years14.694.9
4 years16.7102.9
5 years18.7109.9
6 years20.7116.1
7 years22.9121.7
8 years25.3127.0
9 years28.1132.2
10 years31.4137.5


3 months5.460.2
6 months7.266.6
9 months8.671.1
1 year 9.575.0
2 years11.884.5
3 years14.193.9
4 years16.0101.6
5 years17.7108.4
6 years19.5114.6
7 years21.8120.6
8 years24.8126.4
9 years28.5132.2
10 years32.5138.3

To calculate the expected maximum Height to which your Child might grow - Click Here

These charts are rough indicators. Nutrition, genetics, birth weight and height contribute to the height and weight development in the early years. Therefore there is bound to be variaton from the chart provided above. If there is a more-than-20-percent variation seek a doctor’s advice.

More details on calculating height and weight of Infants.


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