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Tips for Working Mothers

Working women often have to return to their jobs fairly soon after delivery as a maternity leave may only be for a short duration. In addition to the twin burdens of attending to their jobs and running a home there's now the additional responsibility of the child. Here are a few useful tips for working mother.

The sixth month is an important milestone in the life of your child. It is around this time that:

  • If there is a crèche in the office it is often advisable to leave the children there.

  • If the office is situated close to the home it is preferable for the mother to rush home during the lunch break to feed the child. This could be made into a habit.

  • If a decision has to be taken as to whether to leave the child with a responsible maid at home or to put the child in a Day-care Centre, the decision to leave the child at home with a maid, would be better. In the crèche or Day Care Centre the child has to coexist with children from different strata of society. The child may pick up infections from the other children or even diseases like Amoebiasis from the maids working in the Centre.

  • Irrespective of whether the child is at home with a maid or in a crèche or Day-Care Centre, one must ensure that the child is kept clean and that the feeding bottle is sterilized prior to use.

  • Provide a brief summary of your child's medical history, any ailments in the past, allergies, fits etc. to the authorities at the Centre where the child is. In an emergency if they are unable to contact you and have to summon medical help such information becomes absolutely necessary.

  • Always leave the father's and the mother's address and telephone number with the authorities at the Day-Care Centre or Crèche. If the child is unwell, it is necessary to ask the attendants at the Centre to give the child medicines. Make sure the dosage is explained clearly to the attendants. It is also necessary to leave clear instructions as to what the mother wants the attendants to do (or not to do) when the child develops common ailments like Diarrhoea etc.


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