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Preventive Care

Dietary Restrictions for Some Common Diseases

  • Jaundice: The normal amount of salt can be had in the diet. Oil and dhal (lentils) can also be given.
  • Typhoid: Ordinary vegetarian diet can be given. Do not starve the child. Small, frequent feeds are recommended.
  • Milk Intolerance: If the digestive tract has been affected, the child will have difficulty in digesting milk, sugar and milk products like biscuits. The motion passed by the child has a pungent smell. The peri-anal skin in inflamed and there may be peeling of skin in the peri-anal area.
    The foodstuffs to be avoided for such children include:
    Milk, sugar, fruit juices, biscuits, curds with cream and medicines given in the form of syrups.
    Foodstuffs that can be given:
    Various kinds of gruel made from Bengal gram, soyabean, rice and ragi. Honey or jaggery can be given instead of sugar.

Are ice creams harmful to the child's health?

Some Children develop an allergy after eating ice creams and tend to catch a cold soon after. However, in most children, no such side-effects take place. It is perfectly permissible to allow children who already have a cold to eat ice cream.

Is it necessary to avoid oily stuff in a diet?

Not at all! The restriction of salt, oil etc. can generally be deferred until after childhood and in fact certain types of oils may actually be beneficial. Generally, it is sufficient if the purity of the cooking oil used can be ensured.

Simple remedies for Fever

High Fever

Do not panic if your child develops high temperature. Fever is only a symptom of disease in your child. The drug paracetamol may be given, though only up to a certain limit. The child should be given as many spoons corresponding to its age in years' up to a maximum of two and a half spoons. The child should be kept in an A/C room or under the fan after being disrobed. The child should be sponged with tepid water. (The practice of sponging with ice-cold water is wrong. This only causes discomfort to the child) There is also a belief that moistening a cloth with mother's milk and applying it to the child's forehead will help in reducing the temperature. There is no scientific evidence for this belief.


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