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Industry Medical Portal

The industry medical portal is an exclusive portal for Healthcare Institutions, Hospitals and Doctors. The Industry Medical Portal offers you the following services:

• Telemedicine Station
• Clinic Online
• Clinical Decision Support System
• Web based Practice Management System
• HealthNet

Telemedicine Station is the key component of the TCS Tele-health Portal www.webhealthcentre.com. The TCS Telemedicine system aims to elevate the traditional healthcare services to web based (any where any time access) model and thus make available the scarce skilled healthcare resources to the larger population.

The Telemedicine Application is aimed at providing a web based interface where in the patients belonging to the rural community can interact with the specialists at the remote end through the intercession of the Primary Health care centers, and acquire adequate skilled healthcare services.

Clinic Online is a unique web tool for Doctors and Hospitals. This helps Doctors and Hospitals ensure better patient compliance, enhance the quality of services provided, maintain records, expand the scope of their practice globally and reap the benefits of Futuristic technology. The key features are that:

• Doctors can keep track of all the patients and access the Patient’s Health and Medical records • Patients can consult the doctors online by sending the consultation forms for Doctor’s opinion • Access to patient’s past consultations and consultation with other doctors • Allot appointments through the system and keep track of them.

Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) is a comprehensive tool that would provide support to the Medical professionals to make their Clinical Decisions more quickly, correctly and accurately.

CDSS is a web application that guides doctors in Diagnosis and Treatment. CDSS is a knowledge base with a full set of diseases in a particular specialty with the associated symptoms, History, Physical Examination, investigations and medication. A set of symptoms, history questions, Physical Examination findings, investigations reports and medications are mapped to one or more Diseases with a priority factor, which suggests the possibility of the disease for the defined set of parameters. The major components of the system include:

• Administration - Rule Building , Master Data Management • Consultation and Patient Management • Reporting services and Trend Analysis

Web based Practice Management System integrates all the clinical functions related to the Practice Management System (PMS) which has led practice administrators to demand compatibility and accessibility to meet many goals with a single solution. This system yields accessibility, efficient workflow, lower overhead expenses, increased revenue and more satisfied employees. It also improves the front-office operations by unifying clinical and business workflows.

The application uses the Internet and can ensure that patient information is accessible at any time from any location by physicians and appropriate staff. It allows physicians on call to log in over the Internet wherever they are to obtain patient records or review medications, orders and test results. The administrator can review staffing allocations right from home.

HealthNet application provides a Comprehensive Patient Management system targeted at the General Physicians and clinicians with the special feature of data entry through their own handwriting. The application is empowered with a detailed search tool which enables the doctor to retrieve the patient details based on various criteria. The application also provides ancillary services like Events management, Automatic Data backup, remote Patient care facilities and so on.

Following are the key features available in the application:

• Patient Registration
• Visits Encountering
• Patient’s clinical details Management (Complaints and History, Clinical Examination, Investigation and test results, Treatment procedures) – Hand writing enabled
• Appointments (Patient as well as other visitors) – Hand writing enabled
Please wait for more information. The portal is currently under construction.

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