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Five Elements Theory

The following are the hypothesis of this theory:

The five energies namely Wind, Heat, Humidity, Dryness, and Coldness are of the five elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

All these five energies are said to be to be balanced in our body. For example, if the wind energy is more, the person is over active and gets diseases connected to the wind (eg. Gastritis). If it is less he is lethargic and lazy. If the heat energy is more, he has fever and other heat connected problems and if it is less, he has pain due to stiff muscles.

Our life starts with the wind energy. Children up to 12 years have more wind energy, moving like a wind, they can’t sit in a place even for a short time.

We have heat energy for the next 12 years, ie, in the adolescent period with a burning desire to do so many things. Next from 24 to 36 years heat energy dominates.

36 to 48 years, so called middle age is full of humid energy. Some people get well-settled in life and some get bored with life.

Between 48 to 60 years the skin becomes dry due to dry energy and then from 60 to 72 years the internal organs begin to shrink due to cold energy.

People who are above 70 are as active as children and behave like children. Again there is wind energy in their life!

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