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Acupuncture originated in ancient China and interest was created in the West after the former U.S President Richard Nixon’s visit to China in 1971, where one of his aides was treated with Acupuncture for acute pain in the abdomen.

Basic Principles of Acupuncture

1. Chinese philosophy believes that a person is healthy when Qi or the life energy flows evenly along lines or “meridians” in the body. The root cause of all diseases is a disorder in this energy vibration. Every cell in the body vibrates at a specific rate and when this vibration of energy goes beyond the normal range, it gives rise to a disease. Acupressure aids in the restoration of the correct and harmonious vibration.

2. Acupressure defines 12 meridians connected to 12 vital organs of our body – Liver Meridian, Lung Meridian, Heart Meridian etc. Energy is believed to flow through all these 12 meridians, 2 hours in each meridian and through the 24 hours.

Any factor affecting the energy field affects the balance and in turn general health. Imbalances may be caused by the blockage or leakage of energy in a particular channel or meridian. The blockage is caused by tension and stress of modern every day life and negative feelings or thoughts.

This blockage can be removed by applying rhythmic pressure on specific points and energy flow is restored.

Selection of Pressure Points

The points to be activated are selected by doing “Pulse Diagnosis”. The amount of energy in each organ is ascertained by doing Pulse Diagnosis at 12 points (6 superficial and 6 deep), 6 points in each hand on the path of the Radial Artery. The excess energy and deficit of energy are balanced by the treatment.

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