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Atma Gnana

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This is a compound word - Prana + Ayama - which means regulation or channelization of life energy or cosmic energy.

Our Rishis(sages) found that we hardly utilise 25 percent of our lung capacity due to improper breathing habit and as a result suffer from respiratory problems such as wheezing, asthma, sinusitisand dust allergy.

Pranayama is a legacy left by our rishis and the following are the benefits:

  • Helps in utilising the lung capacity fully thereby insulating us from all respiratory hazards such as wheezing, sinusitis, and asthma without a need for medication.
  • Rejuvenates all the internal organs of the human body.
  • Extends the life span by cutting down the breathing rate per minute.
  • Brings better body and mind co-ordination.
  • Helps in controlling the mind.
  • Reduces the ego.
  • Creates a distaste for undesirable habits like smoking, alcoholism etc.
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