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AIDS Control

The most exciting area of research in Siddha medicine is AIDS control. AIDS, as is well known, is a disease that destroys the immune system. A similar disease is reported in the ancient Siddha texts as "meghavettai". We have no means of knowing if it involved the same virus. But going by symptoms, there is a lot of similarity between the two conditions.

Currently Siddha research workers are experimenting with herbs such as:

  • Semicarpus anacardium (Seen kottai)
  • Solanum surattense (Kandankaththiri)
  • Podophylum hexandrum (Pappara mulli)
  • Rhus succedenea (Karkataga singi)
  • Saraca dindica (Asokam)
  • Withania somnifera (Ammukira)
  • Tinospora cardifolia (Seendhil)
  • Allium sativam (Garlic)
  • White arsenic

Research on herbo mineral preparations using inorganic, metallic substances (such as mercury, zinc, silver, copper, sulphur, and mica) is underway. Researchers are optimistic about finding a way to control AIDS.

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