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What goes into the Making of a Man?

Siddha is a psychosomatic medicine that deals with the relationship between the mind and body. Man is composed of 96 forces. These are both physical and metaphysical. Therefore, a person's health can be affected by physical, emotional, mental or karmic disturbances.

The 96 forces that make up man are listed below.

Forces Nos Constituents
Mahabhoothas 5 Earth, water, fire, air, space
Gnanainthiriyum 5 Eye, ear, nose, tongue, skin
Pulans 5 Functions of eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin
Kanmerthiriyas 5 Hands, legs, mouth, rectum, sex organs
Kanmethiriya than mathirai 5 Functions of hands, legs, mouth, rectum and sex organs
Anthakkaranas 4 Mind, knowledge, determination, achievement
Arivu 1 Intellect
Nadies (Channels) 10 Edaikala, pingala, sulumunai, siguvai, puruda, gandhari, athi, allampudai, sankeni, gugu.
Vayu (vital or nerve force) 10 Abana, prana, udana, samana, vyana, nagan, kurman, kirukaran, devathathan, dhananjeyan
Asaayan (visceral cavities) 5 Stomach, small intestine, large intestine, urinary bladder, seminal vesicles
Kosas 5 Physical sheath, mental sheath, respiratory sheath, intellectual sheath, and blissful sheath.
Atharas 6 Moolathara, swathistana, manipooraga, anagatham, vishukti, aaganai
Mala (mental binders) 3 Aanavam, maya, karma
Madalas 3 Solar, lunar, fire
Thosas (humours) 3 Vatha, Pitha, and Kapha
Edanai (physical binders) 3 Wealth, offspring, worldliness
Vinai (action) 2 Good, bad
Gunas 3 Sattva, rajas, tamas
Ragas (passions) 8 Kama, krutha, uluba, mogam, matham, marcharyam, idumbai, agankaram (Desire, hatred, avarice, lust, pride, internal conflict, mockery, ego)
Avasthai (state of consciousness) 5 Sleep, dream, stupor, coma, wakefulness.

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