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Student Centre

The Student Centre at Web Health Centre has been specially created keeping in mind the requirements of medical graduates preparing for their Post-Graduate and Super Specialty Entrance Exams. Thousands of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Online Tests, Study Material and so on are available for medical students preparing for P.G. Exams

In this Student Centre you will find:

  • A vast database of MCQs on the various Exam subjects.
  • Information on Forthcoming Exams.
  • A list of Medical Text Books and Study Guides to help you with your preparation.
  • Model question papers based on the actual Exam pattern.
  • Personalized feedback on your performance.
  • Chat Room for Medical Students.

The Student Centre has been designed by a team of doctors headed by Dr Snehal Sriram. The members of the team have themselves taken Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exams, like the All India PG Medical Entrance test, securing ranks. Some members are from the teaching faculty and have helped students prepare for these exams in their institutions. The team has created a huge database of questions to test student’s knowledge in the various subjects thoroughly. The timing and marking systems and test routines have been designed to enable students prepare for these exams in a comprehensive manner.

Following are the special services provided for students:

  • MCQs in Obstetrics & Gynecology, General Medicine and Surgery added to the Test Zone

  • List of recommended books - A comprehensive list of books recommended for study for the entrance exams.

  • Study Material - This section brings to you study points which are meant to be memorized. In most MCQ exams many questions are framed using the information given here.

  • Model Exams - The Tamil Nadu PG Medical Entrance Exam is a multiple choice question paper. The test papers on the All India PG Medical Entrance Exam model will help students to prepare for the TN PG Exam also.

  • Test zone - You can take tests on major subjects and their various subsections here. This will help you revise for the model exams available on the site. Please refer Test Zone Help pages for details about structure and marking systems adopted.

  • Progress Card - Your test marks are stored so that you can observe your progress. You can also know how you have performed in relation to the other students using the Test Zone as percentiles are also provided.

  • Chat Room - This chat facility is open twenty four hours a day to enable you discuss any aspect of the exams with other students.

  • Bulletin Board - You too can send in MCQs for the welfare of the student community. Please use the MCQ Bulletin Board to post your contributions. (Only Original MCQs please).

  • Modify Profile - You can modify your profile.

  • Order Medical Exam Guides Now

The Student Centre is a highly interactive environment. New MCQs are added everyday. We invite your responses on the Student Centre (click here, Send us your Feedback) so that we can make it more useful to you.

The services of this student Centre are offered FREE of charge to all Registered Users of www.webhealthcentre.com.

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