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WebHealthCentre.com brings to you Online Consultation facilities from some of the region’s leading medical institutions and consultants. Here you can send in your detailed medical queries pertaining to various aspects of your health and these questions will be answered by the Consultants in the various specialities. This service is provided FREE of charge and can be utilized by Doctors and patients alike.

There are at present over 20 major medical specialities for which Consultation is available at WebHealthCentre.com. Each speciality has a specially prepared detailed form encouraging you to provide as many details as possible. This is to ensure a more accurate reply.
Newer specialities, institutions and consultants from different regions are constantly being added.

You may also send in your investigation reports like X-ray films or E.C.G. strips as attachments to admin mentioning your consultation number.

Please read the help section on how to get a Consultation to know more details on the process.

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Please Note: The objective of the Online Consultation Module is to get as much relevant information about the medical condition from the User to make the reply as useful and individualized as possible. Users are requested to use this Module for all their Medical Queries. Attachments of Medical Records may be sent by E-Mail to webhealth.center@tcs.com quoting the Consultation Number obtained on the site.

Kindly note that queries seeking Medical Opinion by E-Mail to webhealth.center@tcs.com will not be entertained or replied to unless they pertain to a Consultation already raised on the site.

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