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New User

If you are using the site for the first time, please follow the given steps to get yourself registered as a valid user.

  • Click on Register.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions carefully.
  • Once you agree with these terms and conditions click on Agree button, which will take you to the user registration screen.

    New Health Record

    1. The first step in seeking a consultation is to create your Health Record. Without information on your Health Record it is simply not possible to get an accurate reply. Creating your Health Record needs to be done only once and it is stored on the site. You can access your Health Record anytime and from anywhere using your User Id and Password.

    2. To create your Health Record you need to have handy, details regarding your health indices (e.g. Your weight, your height etc.,) Then the details regarding diseases that you have been suffering from, illnesses in the family, details regarding the drugs that you have been taking and information regarding your habits like smoking and the like.

    3. Once your Health Record is complete you are then ready to proceed with the actual consult. Please note that it is important to keep your Health Record periodically updated, say every six months or so and enter any recent developments.

    Medical Record

    The medical record is basically a compilation of the results of the clinical tests which the patient has gone through as per his/her personal physician's advice. Unlike a Health Record a new medical record has to be created every time when the patient wants to store his recent clinical tests results. However he can store more than one medical record in his account.

    Every successfully saved medical record will be assigned a unique number which can be mentioned in your future consultations. Medical records also will appear in your Consultation List screen.

    Online Consultation

    1. Choose a speciality for which you wish to obtain a consultation. For example if you have a heart problem, you may wish to consult a Cardiologist. If you do not know which specialist you need to consult, you may wish to view our Specialities page for more information. If you still do not know whom you wish to consult, choose the Do not Know in the speciality box.

    2. Having chosen the speciality and having made sure that your Health Record is up to date the next step is to click on New Consultation. You will see a detailed form pertaining to that speciality.

    3. Each speciality form has four areas: The Main Form, General Examination Form, System Examination Form and Common Investigation Form. If you are a doctor you will be able to fill up all the four forms. If you are not a doctor you need to concentrate on the Main Form and the Common Investigation Form. If you are aware of details regarding your physical examination or if you have hospital records pertaining to the same you can enter the examination forms as well.

    4. In the Main Form you will first find a set of complaints or symptoms that you are asked to choose from.

    *Here you have the Subject text box. This is a mandatory area and you have to provide details. Please explain what exactly is your problem. You cannot leave this area blank.

    Go through this section in detail and choose the appropriate symptoms. If you wish to add any other complaints you may enter the details in the box titled Any other Complaints. If there are any other details regarding the complaints that you have already elaborated you may add these details also in this box.

    5. The next step is to move to the General Examination Form. Some of the details asked for in this form might be known to you and so go through this form as well. Fill in whatever details you know.

    6. Then move to the System Examination Form. In this area you are given the option of choosing either a detailed system wise examination form or a brief form. Note that the detailed form is primarily intended for doctors and so if you do not know the details, you could choose to enter the brief details or if you do not have any information you may even skip filling the form.

    7. Next comes the Common Investigations Form. This includes a list of most common investigations that are performed. Please note that when you enter the values in the boxes, the units must also be entered. This is very important. If you have any doubts regarding any particular test you could enter the details in the Comments Box at the bottom of the Main Form.

    8. Next comes the Specific Investigation Form. This includes tests specific for that particular speciality. Please fill in as many details as possible in the boxes provided. Again, any doubts may be entered in the Comments Box.

    9. The Comments box is provided for you to enter your local doctor's diagnosis and his or her advice. However it is in this section that you can also include any doubts that you may have in any of the earlier areas.

    *10. Finally you have the Queries Box. This is a mandatory area and you have to provide the reason for seeking the consult. Please explain what exactly you want to know from the Consultants. You cannot leave this area blank.

    11. Click on the Submit Consultation button. You will then be allotted a Consultation Number and the consultation will be available for viewing on your main menu. The status indicator will tell you whether a consultation is answered or not.

    12. If the status is Unanswered then obviously the answer from the Consultant is awaited. If the status is Answered, then it means that your query has been answered. Click on the consultation to view the reply. Once you have seen the reply the status automatically changes to Old.


    1. Please note that investigations that appear in the Common Investigation Form may also appear in the Specific Investigations area of some specialties. This has been done deliberately to emphasise the importance of these tests. If you have entered the results of the test in one of the forms, you need not enter the same result again in the other form.

    2. If there is a need or in case you have selected the wrong speciality, then the medical team at WebHealthCentre.com will forward your queries to a specialist in the appropriate department. In some cases there may be the need for an opinion from more than one speciality. For instance a Diabetic who also has Heart Disease may need an opinion from a Diabetologist as well as a Cardiologist. In such cases the specialist concerned may, if he thinks it necessary, forward the query to the other department and you may get more than one reply for one consult. Please note however that this may not always be done and if you require more than one opinion, please indicate the same in the Queries box at the bottom of the Consultation Form.

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