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Consultants Boost College Applications. Is It Wrong to Use One for My Child?

The New York Times Magazine’s Ethicist columnist on the kinds of extracurricular support parents owe their college-bound children.


A Tasting Room for Black Currant Liquor in Upstate New York

Plus: a new seasonal restaurant in Brooklyn, a Marisol retrospective — and more recommendations from T Magazine.


A Silvery, Shimmering Summer of Beyoncé

The Renaissance tour is a blueprint for how to cultivate pleasure and hold onto it at all costs.


Poem: What if We Call This Tenderness

Sampson Starkweather’s “What if We Call This Tenderness” is a poem that overlays love onto a previously loveless surface of the world. The ardent and persistent calls of a collection agency are notoriously unlikely to be resolved by poetry, but …


Judge John Hodgman on Naming Children After Pets

Alicia writes: My wife and I were discussing names for our daughter, and I suggested Sadie — the name of my childhood dog. My wife vetoed it. She thinks you shouldn’t name children after pets. I disagree. Who’s right? There’s a simple rule for …


How Chelsea Became the Unlikely Center of the Arka World

The art business took over a neighborhood on the Far West Side of Manhattan previously known as Gasoline Alley. Then the city turned the area into a ‘monument to real estate developers.’